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If you have not had a treatment before, we feel that it would be beneficial to potential clients to outline what will generally happen during your first appointment at Achieve Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation.

Your initial appointment will last up to one hour and is predominantly an information gathering session to give the clinician a full understanding of your problem – how it occurred, when it occurred, what aggravates your symptoms, and what eases them, amongst other things.

Following this the clinician will need to view the area which is the problem and will ask you to suitably undress to enable the area to be seen. Shorts may need to be brought if appropriate. Your dignity is paramount throughout.

A series of movements and tests will be undertaken to allow the clinician to come to a conclusion and diagnosis.

A full explanation of the clinician's findings will be given, and the proposed treatment plan will be outlined.

As mentioned earlier, the majority of the first appointment is an assessment to ensure a full understanding of the problem, but treatment will be given at the end of the session. This treatment will be built upon in subsequent follow up sessions.

Any questions from the client are welcomed through the initial appointment or any of the follow up appointments.

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